ISIL: More American Stupidity

After the US government armed and trained ISIL (or ISIS, or IS, or Mad Mohamed Butchers) to fight Syria’s Assad, they’ve since turned and we now find ourselves fighting them. Much the same way the US government created Al Qaeda and ended up fighting them.

Naturally, Republicans are demanding more ground forces and war, WAR, WAR!!!! Because if there’s one thing a Republican knows how to do, it’s sending other people’s children to die for the weapons makers.

Obama doesn’t really want to fight ISIL (and you can see that) so he’s only gonna arm ‘moderates’ in Syria and help Iraq with limited troops and planes. He (Obama) loves dropping bombs from planes, or drones. Doesn’t matter. He gets to be seen as someone who’s doing something while attempting not to get involved. And, if innocent children happen to get blown to hell, well fuck em right? It’s the American way.

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, who is arguably the most retarded fucking SoS in history, went before Congress and told them ‘No Boots On The Ground’… or something.

He stated:

‘arming the moderate opposition in Syria was the “best counterweight” against ISIL and emphasized to lawmakers: “ISIL must be defeated. Period. End of story.’

Um, it was the moderates you already armed that became ISIL you dumb fucking twat. The best counter weight to ISIL is and has always been Assad and the Syrian army. You know, the Assad and his army the US government has been attempting to overthrow.

Another thing comes to mind. The US has been arming and equipping various friendly (as friendly as those duplicitous cunt holes in the ME can be) governments, so why aren’t they doing something? ISIL can make all the empty threats they want against the US, but it seems highly unlikely they’ll come here and do anything of significance. They want to be a state right? In order for them to become a state they need legitimacy and while the shit head Monarch of Saudi Arabia warns Europe and the US about them attacking us, ISIL is threatening Saudi Arabia.

Where do you think the real threat lies? If the US wanted to stop any type of threat against us, the best way to do so would be to close the borders and tighten security there. Now, because the Democrats want all those potential latino votes, there will be none of that.

But still, do you think ISIL poses a direct threat to the US or to Saudi Arabia? Jordan? The UAE? Yeah, me too.

Of course, there’s another piece on this chess board and that’s Iran. They’re already fighting against ISIL, and winning. Why don’t we try growing up a bit, employing some fucking diplomacy and engage with Assad and Iran. After all, they live in that region and are directly threatened by ISIL whereas the US and Europe are not.

Do I expect our ‘leaders’ to act like fucking grown ups? Of course not.



Hannity: I Don’t Know If I Could Recommend American’s Sign Up For The Military

Sean Hannity recently made a staggering pronouncement. And it is staggering considering his love of the US military. He stated:

‘… I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military…’

I know! He’s a warmonger who believes the US military is second only to Jesus! Wait just a sec and I’ll fill in the rest of the puzzle.

‘If I’m looking at us giving up all of our gains in Iraq, I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military under this leadership,’

Meaning, Obama gave away all that we as the indispensable nation accomplished in Iraq, so why would any American want to be betrayed like that?

Oh where oh where to begin. Hannity is a fucking douche bag and a chicken hawk coward who never, not once, questioned the lies that the Bush Administration perpetrated upon the world as justification for quite possibly the biggest blundering cluster fuck this nation has ever engaged in. The Iraq war was a criminal act and those that committed the lies should all be in prison for war crimes.

As for all that the US accomplished? Releasing terrorists and suicide bombers on the Iraqi people? The destruction of their infrastructure including schools, power, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and hospitals? The theft of some of the oldest archeological artifacts in the world? Horrifying birth defects from dropping radiological waste on them?

Look, joining the US military is for the stupid. It’s for those that have no problem being lied to and being used as cannon fodder for those who lie to advance their own agendas. It doesn’t matter if the asshole in the Oval office is a Republican or a Democrat. Has testicles or a vagina. Is black or white or brown or blue or whatever. They are going to do what they are instructed to do by the other assholes that own this damn country. Every day that passes, more and more innocent human beings are blown to bits because of this damnable war.

Nothing was accomplished in Iraq of any positive note. The puppet regime we allowed the Iraq people to elect is headed by a murderous bastard who set murder squads on his own people because they aren’t the proper sect of Muslim. There is a massive civil and sectarian war going on and the US military is the reason that is happening.

I reject the claim that fascist assholes like Hannity insist it’s the politicians and not the military. They’re just doing their jobs. Bull. Fucking. Shit. They weren’t drafted, they volunteered. They may have seen that it was wrong, but very few had the balls to say no. And shit bag cunts like Hannity called them traitors for it.





Christians Oppose Satanic Black Mass. America’s Barbaric Foreign Wars Okey Dokey


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Okay, so the Oklahoma City government is going to let a satanic group hold their black mass at what the article calls a small theater. Now, one could make the argument that this is a religious event (it is) and it should not be allowed on public property. Certainly religious groups have been told that separation of church and state means they can’t utilize public property to promote their religion and they’d be correct. If, yes if, the taxpayers were forced to fund such a thing then, no, it shouldn’t be allowed because that could be considered government endorsement.

There are spaces that are owned by the taxpayers (not government because government has no money) where Christian plays and religious displays are held. As long as the people involved are paying for the use of the land and not the taxpayers then I don’t care (Santa Monica, CA around Christmas for one). If Christians want to put on a fucking ‘birth of Christ’ play in a public school, fine by me, just make sure that no children are forced to attend it and that they pay for the use of the facilities.

Well, the satanic folks (they’re as retarded as any believer) are paying to lease the theater to put on their little black mass thingy. Get over it. Personally I find all of this quite entertaining because Christians have been doing shit like this my whole life and they’ve not been paying to use the public schools or the city hall. They just have a majority so they force their version of religious retardation upon the rest of us. Ha ha!

That said, scrolling through the comments (why do I do this to myself) one finds the total and complete hypocrisy from America’s phony followers of the Prince of Peace. They make a whole lot of stink about this little black mass being a signal of some kind for the end times. I didn’t manage to find one comment from the Christians about the awfulness of America’s warmongering and foreign policy of domination. Nothing about torturing people and holding them in Gitmo for years without charge. Nope. Christian America seems to not notice, or actively support, the murder of little foreign children and other innocents, but a satanic ritual? God forbid.

Fuck Christian America, you bunch of hypocrites.


Curveball Version 2.0; This Time It’s Syria


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‘This is an organization that has an apocalyptic end-of-days strategic vision that will eventually have to be defeated.” -General Martin E. Dempsey, U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ‘

So, pretty much the same US evangelical Christian outlook, vis-a-vis, doing whatever it takes to defend the racist, genocidal government in Israel huh?

Anywho. Hey look at this, Business Insider (fascist, warmongering, neo-con mouthpiece) says that we (United States) now cannot separate the war in Iraq from the civil war in Syria, but that we can’t work with Assad because:

‘The administration is adamant that it will not work with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has allowed ISIS to thrive while bombing and torturing Syrians on an industrial scale throughout the war.’

I’m sorry, what? Assad has allowed ISIS to thrive? ISIS is exactly who Assad has been fighting and he hasn’t allowed them to thrive so much as the US has armed and schooled these terrorists in the hopes they’d bring Assad down. Now that that plan has torn a whole in the neo-con rectum, they blame Assad. I see.

Oh, the neo-cons are also back on that ‘Assad tortured his own people’ bit only this time they have a photographer. The photographer in question was with the Syrian Army (using air quotes with that) and he defected to the West.

Wait a sec, this sounds familiar. Oh yeah. Wasn’t this the same set-up used by Curveball to sell the Iraq war? As a matter of fact, it is. The Iraqi defector code-named Curveball, sold GWB everything he wanted in order to justify invading Iraq and we all know how well that worked out. To this day, the fucking chickenhawk, warmongering neo-cons refuse to take responsibility for that and now they want to do it all over again.

The question again is, are American’s stupid enough to fall for the same lies?


Are American’s Stupid Enough To Be Duped Again? Yep.

Are American’s stupid enough to fall for the ‘WMD’ claim a second time? I ask myself this not as a literal regarding the phoney WMD story that the previous administration concocted to drive America into an illegal, immoral, and frankly stupid war in Iraq, but rather as a ‘can they be fooled again?’ Sadly, the answer to this question seems to be yes. They can be fooled again and yes, they are that stupid.

Ukraine. A country that a majority of American’s probably have no idea where it is, nor any idea of it’s history. Think about this:

Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush 1. All of these men were president during the Cold War. A time when Russia was actually our enemy and not one of them gave a shit about Ukraine. Now, all of a sudden, Ukraine is super important. Why?

Well, there’s this story over at Fox about a US citizen with Ukrainian heritage who went over there to join the fight against those horrible Russian backed separatists (as opposed to the US backed neo-nazi’s and fascists in Kiev) who was killed.

Paslawsky had been interviewed by Vice News earlier this month while he was in the Lunansk region with the Donbas Battalion. He told the news site that he had decided to join the cause and fight against the Russian-backed separatist movement because of his family’s Ukrainian background and frustration over the Russian takeover of the Crimea peninsula.’

Curious. When exactly did the Russian’s ‘takeover’ Crimea? There’s been a naval base there for about as long as the US has existed and it’s pretty much always been Russian. Crimea itself was not part of Ukraine, but was autonomous and after the US backed coup in Kiev, the vast majority of people in Crimea who also happen to be ethnic Russian, voted to join Russia. How in the world can anybody classify that as a Russian takeover? I guess in a haphazard and roundabout way, you could say the Russian’s strong armed the vote. Of course, that didn’t happen, but the US media being what it is and all…

Victoria Nuland, Obama’s fascistic neocon in the State Department, stated outright that the US invested $5 billion in Ukraine for ‘democracy building.’ That’s also curious considering the former president of Ukraine was duly elected in free and open elections. Was he corrupt? Sure, but so is the US government.

US media is ignoring the fact that the previous president was democratically elected, while supplying the narrative that this new government, their little puppet, is totally and perfectly legitimate. They spout whatever the US government tells them to spout and the American people, too ignorant, poorly educated, and plain stupid, believe it.

Ukraine says it destroyed a Russian convoy that crossed into Ukraine. That’s neat, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support this claim. The US (and Western) media reported this as a fact, despite the lack of any evidence. You see what they’re doing don’t you? It makes it that much easier to transition to ‘Russia invaded Ukraine.’

They already did that with Crimea except Russia never invaded Crimea because they didn’t need to. There were already Russian troops in Crimea as part of the lease agreement for the naval base. Oh, and there was no violence in Crimea after the vote to join the Russian Federation.

The US made wild claims that Russia was behind the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane over Ukraine. They provided no evidence of this despite the fact that US spy satellites are all over the place recording every fucking move everybody makes. For it’s part Russia released the evidence it collected then, like magic, the US position changed to Russia having no involvement in it.

The government in Kiev, you know, the one backed by the US, confiscated the air-traffic control tapes regarding the MH-17 crash. What’s on those recordings? There’s the nasty, inconvenient speculation, backed by some evidence, that MH-17 wasn’t shot down by a surface-to-air missile, but was shot down by another aircraft. Those ‘Russian backed separatists’ don’t have an air force. Kiev, on the other hand does have an air force, and they had fighters trailing the passenger plane.

Don’t expect any of this to be broadcast on Fox News or CNN, or any of the other pitiful excuses for ‘news’ in America.

You’d think that after we were lied to about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and god knows what else, we would, as a nation, be skeptical. You’d think and you’d be wrong. Perusing any number of articles about Ukraine and trolling through the comments you’ll find that not only are American’s willing to be duped yet again, but they embrace these lies wholeheartedly.

The saying of America as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ is 100% bullshit. First, there are thousands of laws forbidding us from doing this or that with the promise of caging us like animals if we don’t do as told. Second, you can’t truly be free when the reality you live in is like the matrix. Almost nothing our government tells us is true, and that means the narrative as presented by the media is also false.

As for bravery? Everybody knows that bullies are cowards and everybody knows that America is the biggest fucking bully on Earth. You do the math.

I gained a little faith in my fellow countrymen and women when they stood up and demanded we stay out of Syria. I’ve lost that faith yet again as they allow themselves to be duped into believing the obvious lies about Ukraine and Russia.


FFRF Continue To Expose Their Totalitarian Tendencies


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So I just learned that the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a letter to the US Navy instructing them to remove the bibles placed by Gideon’s in their hotels. Wait, what? Seriously. This is what they’re up to now?

I paid a visit to the FFRF website and found a page dedicated to this issue titled, ‘Atheists come out of foxholes to fight Navy bibles.’ Then there were some letters by former Navy people who were most upset and offended by the presence of a bible in a hotel room.

Okay, first off, they aren’t ‘Navy bibles’, they’re bibles that the Gideon’s donated and placed in the rooms. Secondly, it’s a fucking book. Does renting the room come with some military god squad who force you to read passages of this most offensive of books under  penalty of death? Well no. Like any other hotel/motel there’s a bible in a drawer and if you choose to read it great, if not, no skin off your ball sack.

Take this letter:

‘Dear Director Bockleman,

I served in the active USNR in 1945-1946 and also in the Reserve from 1946 to 1950, with Honorable discharge.  I wish to protest the Navy’s support of placing bibles or any other religious material of any sort in any facility associated with the Navy.  And also, to extend this further while I’m at it, to protest any religious proselytizing on any occasion by Navy personnel under color of uniform.  Long-held readings of our Constitution clearly preclude the Navy from participating in such activity, it should cease immediately, and in fact it should nave not been countenanced at any time in my view. And by the way I have held such a view for the past 75-odd years.


Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.)

(Son of the late Kennan C. Herrick, also an Honorable Navy veteran.)


So Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.) (part of the ‘greatest generation’) wishes to protest the placing of bibles or any other religious material in any facility associated with the  Navy and he’d like to protest any proselytizing of Navy personnel while in uniform. Obviously, proselytizing while on duty should be taken on a case-by-case basis. Is the person doing the bible thumping going to withhold a promotion unless you come to Jesus or is it a case of two friends chatting and one want’s the other to come to church with him? If it’s in an official capacity then of course that should be condemned, just as it should in any business environment. If it’s the latter then it really isn’t any of Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.)’s fucking business.

As for the bibles in these rooms offending him? You know what offends me Mr. greatest generation? Knowing that my paycheck is robbed to subsidize your fucking retirement and knowing that as a forty-four year old there’s not a hope in hell I’ll ever see a nickel of the SS money I pay. Oh, yeah. I also happen to be offended by the Navy Tomahawk missiles that blow the hell out of infrastructure and kill people in far away lands that pose no threat to me, you, or the US in general.

Does it offend you Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.) that the President of the United States has given himself and those who follow, the power to issue a death warrant to anybody, anywhere, at anytime, and without ever providing a single document of evidence of criminal behavior?

How about another?

Dear Mr. Bockelman,

As a USCG Lt Jg. for 3 years I felt proud to help our great country protect itself and other worthy countries. As a non-believer it never occurred to me that any governmental agency would promote any religion whatsoever. Thus to find out the US Navy has been providing Christian bibles in its hotel rooms is a disgrace. Every person has a right to believe as they see fit and not be harassed by biased influence.

I expect to hear shortly that the US Navy has realized its error and has removed the bibles.

Yours truly,

James B. Gordon’

First James, I’m not entirely sure who you think you protected this ‘great country’ from, but lets move on. James says that it never occurred to him that any government agency would promote any religion whatsoever. Really? I guess James isn’t aware of the fact that Congress is always praying to their little  God of Abraham before they decide to let whatever shithead happens to occupy the Oval Office bomb the shit out of little children in some poverty ridden country American’s can’t locate on a map.

Bibles in a hotel room is a disgrace James? Disgrace? How about lying to the entire world about non-existent WMD’s? How does being responsible for the death of half a million children sit on your disgrace meter James? If I recall Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline  Albright said that the death of those children was worth it to contain Saddam. Contain him from what? Taking back the oil America’s buddies in Kuwait were stealing from Iraq?

There are more letters and they contain the same juvenile and stupid remarks. Look, if the Navy engages in proselytizing  the way the Air Force has been doing, by all means complain away, but shit, it’s a fucking book in a nightstand drawer that you can choose not to read.

I said before when FFRF decided to expose their left-wing political bias after the Hobby Lobby case that they used to be a dignified organization who were simply attempting to separate any official endorsement of religion. Now? They’re just a bunch of bitchy little progressives who can’t stand that someone, somewhere might take comfort in the rather naive and simple-minded stories in an ancient book.

The Constitution forbids the government or it’s entities from endorsing a particular religion. Allowing a third party to put bibles in a hotel room? Is this an official endorsement? Considering the Navy instructed it’s people serving Muslim countries to dress more conservatively (so as not to insult) during Ramadan and that most branches  asked that it’s members not eat in front of Muslims (in the US or on US bases) during Ramadan, I hardly think little bibles that nobody is forcing anybody to read is an endorsement.

Jesus Christ get over yourselves.


Missouri National Guard Chooses Not To Endorse Christianity- Christians Not Happy


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Lew Rockwell linked to this article over at the Daily Caller which addressed a Missouri National Guard unit’s refusal to show up at a Bible camp. The Guard unit cites the following:

“Army participation must not selectively benefit (or appear to benefit) any person, group, or corporation (whether profit or nonprofit); religion, sect, religious or sectarian group, or quasi-religious or ideological movement.”

Now, for the record, I think a part of the US military, however small, not participating in some religious bullshit is long overdue. In order to understand what Christianity has come to mean in the US, it’s important to dig a little deeper. According to the article, the theme of this years Bible camp was “God’s Rescue Squad.” They had some paramedics show up and as we all know, paramedics do Gods work, right? Tell that to the family and friends of Eric Garner, the latest victim of the NYPD brute squad. The paramedics who showed up after Mr. Garner was choked to death have been suspended for failing to treat him when they arrived on scene.

Then they hosted fireman. Next on the list of Gods little helpers were some local law enforcement with their K-9 units. Anybody who does not have their head planted up their ass can tell you that cops in the US are some of the most barbaric, fascistic assholes anywhere. With qualified immunity, they have been granted license to commit perjury and it’s so pervasive it has a name, testalying. Violent crime in the US has fallen, yet police shootings have risen. There are over 50,000 SWAT raids in the US annually and most of those are for misdemeanors. Cops in the US have fully automatic weapons, body armor, armored vehicles and other military grade hardware which them employ on a regular basis.

God’s rescue squad was responsible for severely burning a toddler with a flash bang. God’s rescue squad was responsible for the mass murder at Waco. They were responsible for beating Kelly Thomas to death. They murdered a grandfather that wasn’t wanted for any crime. They killed a man sitting on a bench whittling. They shoot at a minivan full of children, which they knew to be full of children, then claimed they didn’t know. Over the decade of the Iraq war(crime), more US citizens were killed by cops than the number of US service people killed in that war zone. And I haven’t even listed the number of family pets executed by these rescuers of God.

To round out the week was supposed to be a few soldiers with the National Guard and a Humvee. They refused and of course, everyone was upset at the naturally liberal/progressive war on Christians.

“We are a very patriotic church,” Hogan told Todd Starnes of Fox News. “We love America. We love this country.”

What Pastor Hogan is saying, is that they engage in a bit of what the Ten Commandments call, idolatry.

“We were told it was against military policy for National Guard troops to participate in Vacation Bible School,” the pastor told Fox News. “They said if the National Guard had assets on church property it would look like the National Guard is sponsoring the Baptist religion.”

Interestingly, this June, the U.S. Department of Defense allowed an American military color guard to march in the annual gay pride parade in Washington, D.C.

Similarly, in 2012, the Defense Department overrode the Defense Department’s specific rules against uniformed service members’ participation in political events to allow uniformed service members to march in San Diego’s gay pride parade.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, local members of the National Guard expressed disgust with the decision to prohibit their appearance at a local church.

“I can tell you I’m ashamed and embarrassed right now,” one soldier told Fox.

“We had a lot of disappointed kiddos because of the National Guard being unwilling to allow a Humvee and a few soldiers to spend an hour at a Baptist church,” another soldier said. “It makes me wonder what I’m actually fighting for.”

Hogan, the pastor, noted a further irony.

“They said they didn’t want to offend anybody,” he told Fox. “Well, it’s offended our whole church.”

The Pentagon has decided that it needs bodies to fill all of those little black bags that need fillin’ whenever they engage in murderous rampage in other countries so they’re now courting the gay folks. You see, as the TSA hired all of the semi-literate high school dropouts, there was nobody else for the Pentagon to court. Obviously this is a progressive plot against America’s values. As if America had any values.

Then there is the ‘shame’ felt by members of the Missouri National Guard because a Humvee with a few soldiers in it didn’t show up for bible camp. Seriously? Shame? It’s also quite humorous the way Pastor Hogan said the attempt of the Guard to not offend anyone failed because they offended ‘our whole church.’ Why is this humorous? Because it’s a great example of what the Christian church stands for in America. I’m 44 years old and never, not once, has the US military been deployed overseas to protect and defend my rights and liberties. Not once have they been deployed to protect the religious freedoms, or lack thereof, of any American citizen. How many foreigners are ‘offended’ by the fucking drones that incessantly fly overhead in their countries, terrorizing and often murdering? Countries that the US isn’t at war with. How many foreigners are offended by the occupation of their country of US forces? How many foreigners are offended by the fact that outside of US bases all over the world, those noble US servicemen are raping local women? How many people all over this planet are offended by the arrogance of the US military and the US government in general?

The Christian church in the US is a complete fucking sham. Very few self-described Christians in this country actually give a shit about what Christ taught and most are in fact, warmongering nationalists. Christ wasn’t just raging against the money counters, he was raging against the state and Christians in this country love the state. They bitch and complain about a few military guys not showing up to bible camp as some sort of plot against Christians, yet they have no problem plotting against every person in this country that isn’t a Christian by attempting to force their retarded ass Creation story into public schools. They want Christian holidays celebrated in public schools while telling the Muslim children to pound sand. They seek to claim ownership of every single uterus in the US. To the American Christian, there is no more noble cause then invading some shitty third world country and killing the inhabitants all in the name of liberating them.

These folks, Christians and typical right-wingers claim that the US military is defending our freedoms and ignore the very fact that the only entity capable of dismantling the Bill of Rights is government itself and it is doing so at lightning quick speed now.

“…another soldier said. “It makes me wonder what I’m actually fighting for.”

I can tell you exactly what you’re fighting for you brain dead useful idiot. You’re fighting for the plutocracy that claims ownership of this country.

Christians are statists. Period. They worship the state and pray to the golden calf of the US military. Somewhere along the line, the Prince of Peace was tossed overboard.















Freedom From Religion Foundation: Totalitarian Assholes


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I have to admit that although I’m an atheist, I tend to find most atheists on the interwebs to be assholes. Check out the Amazing Atheist on YouTube. In his video’s, he attempts to knock down religious dogma and claims that religion is somehow disproving science. I surmise all of this, because I can’t really get through any of his videos. Why? Because the guy is a fucking arrogant shitbag who seems to not be able to communicate via regular speech. Instead he shouts, and calls people names. Sam Harris he is not.

It seems that most atheists out there in the internet world, though not in my social  circles, subscribe to the asininity of political leftism. As opposed to the asininity of political rightism. Perhaps that’s part of the reason I don’t care to hang out with atheists on the interwebs or attend atheist talks and what not. Like their fundamentalist counterparts of the religious right, there a bunch of fundamentalist leftist assholes. As you may or may not know (or care) I don’t really like politics or people who obsess over everything political and to people like fundamentalist religious people and fundamentalist non-believers, everything is fucking political.

All over the internet you can find claims by atheists that we are more rational, more objective, and possessed with a gift religious people are lacking, namely, the ability for critical thinking. This, ladies and gents is pure nonsensical bullshit. Atheists are every bit as capable as being totally irrational as the most fundamentalist Christian. Ever read PZ Myers blog? Just bring up something that has to do with politics and this so-called rational thinking biology professor, becomes Sean Hannity.

In the past I’ve supported Freedom From Religion Foundation on a number of things. Usually, these were cases of overt religiosity in public schools or the use of public land for religious uses while discriminating against other faiths and those with no faith. This all has to do with public property. Tax-payer property. We all know that government, via the 1st Amendment is forbidden from promoting one religion over another and it’s in these cases that I’ve supported FFRF. Their latest… complaint comes from the recent SCOTUS ruling on the contraceptive aspects of Obamacare and the Hobby Lobby case. Please follow along.

The thing that upsets me most about the Hobby Lobby case is that it allows some religious beliefs as an exclusion from participation in Obama’s fascistic health care bill. I don’t want any fucking part of the inaptly named Affordable Health Care Act. I want to be excluded from this entirely. That’s not what the folks at FFRF want. They want everyone to be forced into this shitty, fascist program.

The people at FFRF have used the 1st Amendment as a guide post to forbid government from forcing creationism on public schools, and yet in this one simple case, they have shown that, although they know exactly what the 1st Amendment entails, they want to ignore it and twist it to suit their political proclivities.

“The Court’s decision, narrow though it might seem, has opened the proverbial floodgates. The Freedom From Religion Foundation needs your help to protest religious privilege and the federal judiciary’s appalling desertion of the founding principles of this nation.

The bold comes straight off the FFRF website. The founding principles of this nation did not include the government mandating individuals, under threat of force, purchase a good or service from any given company or other individual. The founders believed in freedom of association which meant that government could not dictate who/whom we chose freely to associate with. No more. The tyrannical assholes at FFRF have shown their true colors and freedom isn’t among that set of Crayons. What FFRF should be protesting isn’t the fact that religious beliefs allowed some people to be excluded from provisions of Obamacare, they should be protesting  the fact that Obamacare exists in the first fucking place.

What they’re saying is that because Hobby Lobby is owned by religious people they are somehow shoving their religion down their employees throats and denying women who work for them the right to control of their own bodies. This has to be one of the most fucking retarded claims I’ve ever heard and it’s a tad embarrassing hearing it come from an organization that claims to understand the law.

First, Hobby Lobby isn’t shoving their religion down anyone’s throats because if you don’t want to shop there, nobody is going to force you to. If you don’t like the fact that your paycheck is provided by people who believe in fairy tales, then you can quit or not apply in the first place. If you’re a woman and you want access to abortion (I mean contraceptives) then you can either pay for that yourself, or, I know this sounds extreme, not work for Hobby Lobby.

The folks over at the Freedom From Religion Foundation believe, correctly, that the 1st Amendment guarantees us the right not to have, by means of government coercion, religious dogma imposed upon us. However, they disregard completely the that nowhere in the Constitution does it say government has the right to force us to purchase a good or service and to dictate who/whom we choose to associate with. The FFRF may very well not believe in God(s), but they sure as shit have a religion and that religion is the vapid bullshitery of left-wing totalitarianism.


Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments Of Progressivism


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Elizabeth Warren has laid out her 11 Commandments of Progressivism. I agree with EPJ’s overall take on her points;

“The short version is this: ‘The government should force others to give me what I consider politically correct to have and also force their behavior in general based on my politically correct views'”

I’ll give my breakdown below:

1) – “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”

We believe in the status quo, but realize that many people are coming to resent the way we politicians have raped the taxpayers to pay off the bankers. We realize that many people are coming to understand the folly of the central banks and their cartels and the way the fed pumps cash into the system as a means of enriching themselves while inflating the money supply, thus draining the savings of those hardworking American’s I claim to represent and making their groceries, utilities, and rent/mortgages that much more expensive.

2) – “We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth.”

We believe that basing our judgements on observable and recordable data is stupid and that when it comes to matters of science we should go with our feelings. Therefore we plan to continue with Obama’s environmental policy of letting special interests create said policy. We will destroy the coal industry, the natural gas industry, the petroleum industry, putting hundreds of thousands of American’s out of work while pretending that solar and wind can power the country, all while raising American’s energy bills across the board. We will do this while taking cash from the environmental lobby while claiming it’s only the Republicans who take bribes.

3) – “We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality.”

We believe that freedom of speech exists only if you agree with what we believe and if you don’t, well fuck off. We plan to make it illegal to question our ideas, especially when you confront us with facts.

4) – “We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage.”

We believe that pandering to the emotions of unskilled labor is more effective at winning elections than a basic understanding of economics. Besides, Paul Krugman agrees with us and he’s really smart.

5) “We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them.

See number 4. And while we say we’re proud to fight alongside them we say that knowing their jobs could be replaced by technology in a very short amount of time, should they decide to take to the picket line. However, their jobs aren’t as important as our righteousness indignation.

6) – “We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt.”

We believe that your neighbors should be forced to pay for your shitty liberal arts degree.

7) – “We believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means protecting Social Security, Medicare, and pensions.”

We believe that SCOTUS has already ruled your Social Security doesn’t really belong to you and we will spend it how we choose. For the time being, the younger, employed people will continue to pay for the retirement and medial needs of the spoiled ass baby boomers. When it becomes PC to keep your SS check and spend it on something else, we will do so.

8) – “We believe—I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014—we believe in equal pay for equal work.”

See number 2. We believe it is politcally correct to speak of such horrid inequality despite the fact there really isn’t any because we believe in special treatment for women and minorities at the expense of white, heterosexual males.

9) – “We believe that equal means equal, and that’s true in marriage, it’s true in the workplace, it’s true in all of America.”

See number 3. We believe in equality so long as you believe in the same thing we do. If you should hold any opposing viewpoint you’re a racist, misogynist, homophobe and plain ol’ poopy head.

10) – “We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means reform.”

We believe that ‘reform’ means amnesty and that granting amnesty will generate another generation of Democrat voters. Especially when we promise to give them all the welfare benefits and other free shit, stolen from productive working American’s.

11) – “And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies. We will overturnHobby Lobby and we will fight for it. We will fight for it!”

We believe that freedom of association is an abhorrent, racist, inhuman function. Every person should be forced to interact with whomever we, your government tell you to interact with. We believe that neither the employer or prospective employee have a right to negotiate the terms of said employment. We believe in a one-size-fits-all concept and have no intention of allowing people to decide for themselves the course of their own lives. But mostly, we do not believe that people should have any bit of liberty not given to them by the state that can be taken away like a drivers license for any or no reason. We will work diligently to transform America into a wonderful workers paradise like the former USSR. We’ve already got the police state.

She might just beat the old warmongering cunt Hillary. Good thing I’m planning to leave the US.