hillary gate

Judge Andrew Napolitano lays out Hillary’s problem vis-a-vis, e-mail gate (seriously why the fuck does everything have to be a ‘gate’?). There is a post over at the Washington Times by Monica Crowley, who states that Obama is bringing Hillary down because she wont play ball and continue to fuck the country up in his signature fashion. But Biden will.

It makes total sense to me. Obama and the Clinton’s have butted heads ever since the PTB chose to bring Obama to national prominence. Make no mistake, Obama is every bit the a part of the ruling elite as Hillary, but she’s been at it longer. Hell, Hillary just might be the most horrible person the US ever created.

That doesn’t mean the ruling elite always get along, nor do they always want the same things for the same reasons. It’s nice to seen the PTB eat their own, but I’ve got a nagging feeling that this will go away at a convenient moment. And that moment is when Hillary is indited. She won’t be going to trial though. She will pull out of the race and if, just if, she’s found guilty there will be some kind of deal and she’ll never see the inside of a prison cell.

Even though Obama’s in-Justice Department has mercilessly taken down anybody who even accidentally fumbles with classified information, Hillary is still part of the ruling elite. Her political career might be over, but she’ll still be allowed to walk around freely. Just like Dick Cheney and the rest of the war criminals of the Bush administration.