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This is now on my Dashboard from WordPress:

“WordPress.com has teamed up with the The Pew Charitable Trusts, who, along with Google, and election officials nationwide, have developed the The Voting Information Project (VIP). Together, we’re offering cutting-edge tools that give you access to the customized information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day and then tell the world you voted by embedding the custom WordPress.com I Voted badge. Click on the link below to find out more about this important iniaitive so that you and WordPress.com users across America can ensure that your voices are heard on Election Day.”

I will not be including anything on this blog to help people vote. Why? Because voting is stupid. Why is voting stupid?

1. Your vote simply doesn’t matter.

There are so many people voting, the idea that your individual vote will somehow be of any importance is sheer idiocy. Learn some math.

2. All informed votes are negated.

You might be the most informed, educated voter in the country. Guess what? Your next door neighbor is a fucking moron with the attention span of a gnat. Do I really need to continue explaining this one?

3. Diebold.

Electronic voting machines have been shown to be hackable. The vote is rigged and has already been shown to be rigged this election cycle in Illinois. Just wait. This country is owned. Bought and paid for and the owners own the voting machines.

4.Republican / Democrat = same thing

Other than the rhetoric, there is no discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats. They steal from your paycheck, give it to their crony buddies and campaign contributors. They start wars, murder innocent people, and oppress.


5. Government is a monopoly on violence.

The bills and propositions you will be voting on must gain enough votes to become law. Once they are law they will require violence and coercion in order to be enforced. Some of you may say, ‘but we, the majority voted for it.’ I say, you have no moral right to force others to do as you wish.

The individuals that you will be voting on must necessarily be tyrants in order to be politicians, because everything about their job is about violence and the threat of violence.

Only rarely are we presented with a politician who is genuine and not corrupt, and ladies and gents, the US government is the most corrupt on the planet.

Millions of idiots who watch Fox News will be saying that all we as a nation need is to vote Republican and the healing will begin.


Republicans are responsible for this out of control, corrupt, tyrannical government every bit as much as Democrats. The idea that Republicans will reduce the size of government and stop the bloat and pork is belied by their current and past actions.

Why in the world would you want to participate in a system that seeks to oppress and coerce you?