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Previously it was bird flu. Then there was swine flu. And of course,  we all know about the benefits of an annual flu shot.

Now, I’m not saying that all of these ‘epidemics’ were bullshit, but I am saying that they all seem to have been engineered to boost vaccine sales. Today it’s Ebola and it seems to have been an Army project that got out of hand. Weaponizing deadly viruses is a tricky business.

And, it’s not as if the American Psychiatric Association would compromise their integrity while colluding with the drug companies to label every human emotion as a mental disorder that can be cured with a magic pill, right? I mean, the drug companies work in an altruistic vacuum.

Remember back to the good ol’ days of bath salts? What ever happened to them? It too was a virtual epidemic, or at least that’s how some of the media presented it. Why, the nation was going to hell because everyone suddenly discovered this cool new drug, and then… poof! It vanished.

And nobody seems to have noticed. Did people suddenly realize that they were bad for you so they stopped using? I don’t know, but did people stop using PCP because it makes you act fucking crazy? Um, no, no they didn’t. Have people stopped using heroin because they’ve finally realized that it will destroy you? Nope. How about meth? That shit will really destroy you. Did people stop using it? Again, nope.

It isn’t possible that bath salts use was exaggerated by the media and government is it? They would never exaggerate something to gain more power would they?

No. I didn’t think so either.