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A Politico article back in 2009 which mentioned Obama’s White House unveiled a new website. The article quotes the site with giving Obama praise for his response to the non-superstorm Sandy while simultaneously slamming Bush for his handling of Hurricane Katrina.

To be sure, Sandy was a big storm and caused a ton of destruction, but considering Obama’s handling of the influx of immigrant children from South and Central America and the whole ‘Ebola’ thing, Bush tends to come across as not so incompetent.

Let’s see here, Obama’s CDC has confirmed that there are nearly 700 cases of EV-D68 in the US and there have been a number of deaths. The CDC also claimed they had no idea what or where this virus came from which is of course bull shit. They’ve known all along that it came El Norte, carried by those immigrant children.

There’s also the CDC passing the buck for the nurse at the Dallas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan later died and the nurse has symptoms so naturally  it was her fault according to the government. Oh, not so fast though. The nurses are hitting back at the CDC saying there was no clear protocol and their protective gear was less than stellar.

Meanwhile, this is what Obama’s CDC’s given us:

cdc ebola

While I’m not going to contradict the avenues of transmission, the fact is, America DOES NOT have the best doctors or public health infrastructure in the world and they (CDC = US Government) have proven they ARE NOT prepared to respond.

Look, there is a deadly virus for which there is no known cure (unless you happen  to be American and please ignore the Jessie Jackson part) and Obama chose to close the US to inbound flights from the epicenter. Oh, wait. No he didn’t did he? He left the country exposed and it turns out the ‘Indispensable Nation’ with the best public health infrastructure in the world has only four hospitals prepared to deal with Ebola.

There are a number of quacks out there claiming all sorts of things about the way Obama has handled these issues. Most are claiming some conspiracy about population control or some other shit. Me? Well, as far as the Ebola thing is concerned, there’s pretty compelling evidence this may have been a US Army thing that got out of hand and it doesn’t seem unreasonable. Hell, I’ll even give Obama the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know shit about it.

As for the immigrant children bringing this virus? I think this is more about pandering to Latino’s and trying to get millions of more immigrants some amnesty so they can vote Democrat. That seems a hundred percent more likely than population control.

Whatever the reasons, the actions taken, or not taken by Obama have rendered him the most useless sack of shit President ever. He is an incompetent fucktard of monumental proportions and anybody that can make GWB look good, deserves to go down in history as the worst fucking president of all time. But please, continue to swoon over this idiot and put your faith in the monster of government.