After the US government armed and trained ISIL (or ISIS, or IS, or Mad Mohamed Butchers) to fight Syria’s Assad, they’ve since turned and we now find ourselves fighting them. Much the same way the US government created Al Qaeda and ended up fighting them.

Naturally, Republicans are demanding more ground forces and war, WAR, WAR!!!! Because if there’s one thing a Republican knows how to do, it’s sending other people’s children to die for the weapons makers.

Obama doesn’t really want to fight ISIL (and you can see that) so he’s only gonna arm ‘moderates’ in Syria and help Iraq with limited troops and planes. He (Obama) loves dropping bombs from planes, or drones. Doesn’t matter. He gets to be seen as someone who’s doing something while attempting not to get involved. And, if innocent children happen to get blown to hell, well fuck em right? It’s the American way.

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, who is arguably the most retarded fucking SoS in history, went before Congress and told them ‘No Boots On The Ground’… or something.

He stated:

‘arming the moderate opposition in Syria was the “best counterweight” against ISIL and emphasized to lawmakers: “ISIL must be defeated. Period. End of story.’

Um, it was the moderates you already armed that became ISIL you dumb fucking twat. The best counter weight to ISIL is and has always been Assad and the Syrian army. You know, the Assad and his army the US government has been attempting to overthrow.

Another thing comes to mind. The US has been arming and equipping various friendly (as friendly as those duplicitous cunt holes in the ME can be) governments, so why aren’t they doing something? ISIL can make all the empty threats they want against the US, but it seems highly unlikely they’ll come here and do anything of significance. They want to be a state right? In order for them to become a state they need legitimacy and while the shit head Monarch of Saudi Arabia warns Europe and the US about them attacking us, ISIL is threatening Saudi Arabia.

Where do you think the real threat lies? If the US wanted to stop any type of threat against us, the best way to do so would be to close the borders and tighten security there. Now, because the Democrats want all those potential latino votes, there will be none of that.

But still, do you think ISIL poses a direct threat to the US or to Saudi Arabia? Jordan? The UAE? Yeah, me too.

Of course, there’s another piece on this chess board and that’s Iran. They’re already fighting against ISIL, and winning. Why don’t we try growing up a bit, employing some fucking diplomacy and engage with Assad and Iran. After all, they live in that region and are directly threatened by ISIL whereas the US and Europe are not.

Do I expect our ‘leaders’ to act like fucking grown ups? Of course not.