Sean Hannity recently made a staggering pronouncement. And it is staggering considering his love of the US military. He stated:

‘… I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military…’

I know! He’s a warmonger who believes the US military is second only to Jesus! Wait just a sec and I’ll fill in the rest of the puzzle.

‘If I’m looking at us giving up all of our gains in Iraq, I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military under this leadership,’

Meaning, Obama gave away all that we as the indispensable nation accomplished in Iraq, so why would any American want to be betrayed like that?

Oh where oh where to begin. Hannity is a fucking douche bag and a chicken hawk coward who never, not once, questioned the lies that the Bush Administration perpetrated upon the world as justification for quite possibly the biggest blundering cluster fuck this nation has ever engaged in. The Iraq war was a criminal act and those that committed the lies should all be in prison for war crimes.

As for all that the US accomplished? Releasing terrorists and suicide bombers on the Iraqi people? The destruction of their infrastructure including schools, power, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and hospitals? The theft of some of the oldest archeological artifacts in the world? Horrifying birth defects from dropping radiological waste on them?

Look, joining the US military is for the stupid. It’s for those that have no problem being lied to and being used as cannon fodder for those who lie to advance their own agendas. It doesn’t matter if the asshole in the Oval office is a Republican or a Democrat. Has testicles or a vagina. Is black or white or brown or blue or whatever. They are going to do what they are instructed to do by the other assholes that own this damn country. Every day that passes, more and more innocent human beings are blown to bits because of this damnable war.

Nothing was accomplished in Iraq of any positive note. The puppet regime we allowed the Iraq people to elect is headed by a murderous bastard who set murder squads on his own people because they aren’t the proper sect of Muslim. There is a massive civil and sectarian war going on and the US military is the reason that is happening.

I reject the claim that fascist assholes like Hannity insist it’s the politicians and not the military. They’re just doing their jobs. Bull. Fucking. Shit. They weren’t drafted, they volunteered. They may have seen that it was wrong, but very few had the balls to say no. And shit bag cunts like Hannity called them traitors for it.