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Okay, so the Oklahoma City government is going to let a satanic group hold their black mass at what the article calls a small theater. Now, one could make the argument that this is a religious event (it is) and it should not be allowed on public property. Certainly religious groups have been told that separation of church and state means they can’t utilize public property to promote their religion and they’d be correct. If, yes if, the taxpayers were forced to fund such a thing then, no, it shouldn’t be allowed because that could be considered government endorsement.

There are spaces that are owned by the taxpayers (not government because government has no money) where Christian plays and religious displays are held. As long as the people involved are paying for the use of the land and not the taxpayers then I don’t care (Santa Monica, CA around Christmas for one). If Christians want to put on a fucking ‘birth of Christ’ play in a public school, fine by me, just make sure that no children are forced to attend it and that they pay for the use of the facilities.

Well, the satanic folks (they’re as retarded as any believer) are paying to lease the theater to put on their little black mass thingy. Get over it. Personally I find all of this quite entertaining because Christians have been doing shit like this my whole life and they’ve not been paying to use the public schools or the city hall. They just have a majority so they force their version of religious retardation upon the rest of us. Ha ha!

That said, scrolling through the comments (why do I do this to myself) one finds the total and complete hypocrisy from America’s phony followers of the Prince of Peace. They make a whole lot of stink about this little black mass being a signal of some kind for the end times. I didn’t manage to find one comment from the Christians about the awfulness of America’s warmongering and foreign policy of domination. Nothing about torturing people and holding them in Gitmo for years without charge. Nope. Christian America seems to not notice, or actively support, the murder of little foreign children and other innocents, but a satanic ritual? God forbid.

Fuck Christian America, you bunch of hypocrites.