Are American’s stupid enough to fall for the ‘WMD’ claim a second time? I ask myself this not as a literal regarding the phoney WMD story that the previous administration concocted to drive America into an illegal, immoral, and frankly stupid war in Iraq, but rather as a ‘can they be fooled again?’ Sadly, the answer to this question seems to be yes. They can be fooled again and yes, they are that stupid.

Ukraine. A country that a majority of American’s probably have no idea where it is, nor any idea of it’s history. Think about this:

Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush 1. All of these men were president during the Cold War. A time when Russia was actually our enemy and not one of them gave a shit about Ukraine. Now, all of a sudden, Ukraine is super important. Why?

Well, there’s this story over at Fox about a US citizen with Ukrainian heritage who went over there to join the fight against those horrible Russian backed separatists (as opposed to the US backed neo-nazi’s and fascists in Kiev) who was killed.

Paslawsky had been interviewed by Vice News earlier this month while he was in the Lunansk region with the Donbas Battalion. He told the news site that he had decided to join the cause and fight against the Russian-backed separatist movement because of his family’s Ukrainian background and frustration over the Russian takeover of the Crimea peninsula.’

Curious. When exactly did the Russian’s ‘takeover’ Crimea? There’s been a naval base there for about as long as the US has existed and it’s pretty much always been Russian. Crimea itself was not part of Ukraine, but was autonomous and after the US backed coup in Kiev, the vast majority of people in Crimea who also happen to be ethnic Russian, voted to join Russia. How in the world can anybody classify that as a Russian takeover? I guess in a haphazard and roundabout way, you could say the Russian’s strong armed the vote. Of course, that didn’t happen, but the US media being what it is and all…

Victoria Nuland, Obama’s fascistic neocon in the State Department, stated outright that the US invested $5 billion in Ukraine for ‘democracy building.’ That’s also curious considering the former president of Ukraine was duly elected in free and open elections. Was he corrupt? Sure, but so is the US government.

US media is ignoring the fact that the previous president was democratically elected, while supplying the narrative that this new government, their little puppet, is totally and perfectly legitimate. They spout whatever the US government tells them to spout and the American people, too ignorant, poorly educated, and plain stupid, believe it.

Ukraine says it destroyed a Russian convoy that crossed into Ukraine. That’s neat, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support this claim. The US (and Western) media reported this as a fact, despite the lack of any evidence. You see what they’re doing don’t you? It makes it that much easier to transition to ‘Russia invaded Ukraine.’

They already did that with Crimea except Russia never invaded Crimea because they didn’t need to. There were already Russian troops in Crimea as part of the lease agreement for the naval base. Oh, and there was no violence in Crimea after the vote to join the Russian Federation.

The US made wild claims that Russia was behind the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane over Ukraine. They provided no evidence of this despite the fact that US spy satellites are all over the place recording every fucking move everybody makes. For it’s part Russia released the evidence it collected then, like magic, the US position changed to Russia having no involvement in it.

The government in Kiev, you know, the one backed by the US, confiscated the air-traffic control tapes regarding the MH-17 crash. What’s on those recordings? There’s the nasty, inconvenient speculation, backed by some evidence, that MH-17 wasn’t shot down by a surface-to-air missile, but was shot down by another aircraft. Those ‘Russian backed separatists’ don’t have an air force. Kiev, on the other hand does have an air force, and they had fighters trailing the passenger plane.

Don’t expect any of this to be broadcast on Fox News or CNN, or any of the other pitiful excuses for ‘news’ in America.

You’d think that after we were lied to about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and god knows what else, we would, as a nation, be skeptical. You’d think and you’d be wrong. Perusing any number of articles about Ukraine and trolling through the comments you’ll find that not only are American’s willing to be duped yet again, but they embrace these lies wholeheartedly.

The saying of America as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ is 100% bullshit. First, there are thousands of laws forbidding us from doing this or that with the promise of caging us like animals if we don’t do as told. Second, you can’t truly be free when the reality you live in is like the matrix. Almost nothing our government tells us is true, and that means the narrative as presented by the media is also false.

As for bravery? Everybody knows that bullies are cowards and everybody knows that America is the biggest fucking bully on Earth. You do the math.

I gained a little faith in my fellow countrymen and women when they stood up and demanded we stay out of Syria. I’ve lost that faith yet again as they allow themselves to be duped into believing the obvious lies about Ukraine and Russia.