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So I just learned that the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a letter to the US Navy instructing them to remove the bibles placed by Gideon’s in their hotels. Wait, what? Seriously. This is what they’re up to now?

I paid a visit to the FFRF website and found a page dedicated to this issue titled, ‘Atheists come out of foxholes to fight Navy bibles.’ Then there were some letters by former Navy people who were most upset and offended by the presence of a bible in a hotel room.

Okay, first off, they aren’t ‘Navy bibles’, they’re bibles that the Gideon’s donated and placed in the rooms. Secondly, it’s a fucking book. Does renting the room come with some military god squad who force you to read passages of this most offensive of books under  penalty of death? Well no. Like any other hotel/motel there’s a bible in a drawer and if you choose to read it great, if not, no skin off your ball sack.

Take this letter:

‘Dear Director Bockleman,

I served in the active USNR in 1945-1946 and also in the Reserve from 1946 to 1950, with Honorable discharge.  I wish to protest the Navy’s support of placing bibles or any other religious material of any sort in any facility associated with the Navy.  And also, to extend this further while I’m at it, to protest any religious proselytizing on any occasion by Navy personnel under color of uniform.  Long-held readings of our Constitution clearly preclude the Navy from participating in such activity, it should cease immediately, and in fact it should nave not been countenanced at any time in my view. And by the way I have held such a view for the past 75-odd years.


Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.)

(Son of the late Kennan C. Herrick, also an Honorable Navy veteran.)


So Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.) (part of the ‘greatest generation’) wishes to protest the placing of bibles or any other religious material in any facility associated with the  Navy and he’d like to protest any proselytizing of Navy personnel while in uniform. Obviously, proselytizing while on duty should be taken on a case-by-case basis. Is the person doing the bible thumping going to withhold a promotion unless you come to Jesus or is it a case of two friends chatting and one want’s the other to come to church with him? If it’s in an official capacity then of course that should be condemned, just as it should in any business environment. If it’s the latter then it really isn’t any of Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.)’s fucking business.

As for the bibles in these rooms offending him? You know what offends me Mr. greatest generation? Knowing that my paycheck is robbed to subsidize your fucking retirement and knowing that as a forty-four year old there’s not a hope in hell I’ll ever see a nickel of the SS money I pay. Oh, yeah. I also happen to be offended by the Navy Tomahawk missiles that blow the hell out of infrastructure and kill people in far away lands that pose no threat to me, you, or the US in general.

Does it offend you Mr. Kennan C. Herrick (Jr.) that the President of the United States has given himself and those who follow, the power to issue a death warrant to anybody, anywhere, at anytime, and without ever providing a single document of evidence of criminal behavior?

How about another?

Dear Mr. Bockelman,

As a USCG Lt Jg. for 3 years I felt proud to help our great country protect itself and other worthy countries. As a non-believer it never occurred to me that any governmental agency would promote any religion whatsoever. Thus to find out the US Navy has been providing Christian bibles in its hotel rooms is a disgrace. Every person has a right to believe as they see fit and not be harassed by biased influence.

I expect to hear shortly that the US Navy has realized its error and has removed the bibles.

Yours truly,

James B. Gordon’

First James, I’m not entirely sure who you think you protected this ‘great country’ from, but lets move on. James says that it never occurred to him that any government agency would promote any religion whatsoever. Really? I guess James isn’t aware of the fact that Congress is always praying to their little  God of Abraham before they decide to let whatever shithead happens to occupy the Oval Office bomb the shit out of little children in some poverty ridden country American’s can’t locate on a map.

Bibles in a hotel room is a disgrace James? Disgrace? How about lying to the entire world about non-existent WMD’s? How does being responsible for the death of half a million children sit on your disgrace meter James? If I recall Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline  Albright said that the death of those children was worth it to contain Saddam. Contain him from what? Taking back the oil America’s buddies in Kuwait were stealing from Iraq?

There are more letters and they contain the same juvenile and stupid remarks. Look, if the Navy engages in proselytizing  the way the Air Force has been doing, by all means complain away, but shit, it’s a fucking book in a nightstand drawer that you can choose not to read.

I said before when FFRF decided to expose their left-wing political bias after the Hobby Lobby case that they used to be a dignified organization who were simply attempting to separate any official endorsement of religion. Now? They’re just a bunch of bitchy little progressives who can’t stand that someone, somewhere might take comfort in the rather naive and simple-minded stories in an ancient book.

The Constitution forbids the government or it’s entities from endorsing a particular religion. Allowing a third party to put bibles in a hotel room? Is this an official endorsement? Considering the Navy instructed it’s people serving Muslim countries to dress more conservatively (so as not to insult) during Ramadan and that most branches  asked that it’s members not eat in front of Muslims (in the US or on US bases) during Ramadan, I hardly think little bibles that nobody is forcing anybody to read is an endorsement.

Jesus Christ get over yourselves.