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I have to admit that although I’m an atheist, I tend to find most atheists on the interwebs to be assholes. Check out the Amazing Atheist on YouTube. In his video’s, he attempts to knock down religious dogma and claims that religion is somehow disproving science. I surmise all of this, because I can’t really get through any of his videos. Why? Because the guy is a fucking arrogant shitbag who seems to not be able to communicate via regular speech. Instead he shouts, and calls people names. Sam Harris he is not.

It seems that most atheists out there in the internet world, though not in my social  circles, subscribe to the asininity of political leftism. As opposed to the asininity of political rightism. Perhaps that’s part of the reason I don’t care to hang out with atheists on the interwebs or attend atheist talks and what not. Like their fundamentalist counterparts of the religious right, there a bunch of fundamentalist leftist assholes. As you may or may not know (or care) I don’t really like politics or people who obsess over everything political and to people like fundamentalist religious people and fundamentalist non-believers, everything is fucking political.

All over the internet you can find claims by atheists that we are more rational, more objective, and possessed with a gift religious people are lacking, namely, the ability for critical thinking. This, ladies and gents is pure nonsensical bullshit. Atheists are every bit as capable as being totally irrational as the most fundamentalist Christian. Ever read PZ Myers blog? Just bring up something that has to do with politics and this so-called rational thinking biology professor, becomes Sean Hannity.

In the past I’ve supported Freedom From Religion Foundation on a number of things. Usually, these were cases of overt religiosity in public schools or the use of public land for religious uses while discriminating against other faiths and those with no faith. This all has to do with public property. Tax-payer property. We all know that government, via the 1st Amendment is forbidden from promoting one religion over another and it’s in these cases that I’ve supported FFRF. Their latest… complaint comes from the recent SCOTUS ruling on the contraceptive aspects of Obamacare and the Hobby Lobby case. Please follow along.

The thing that upsets me most about the Hobby Lobby case is that it allows some religious beliefs as an exclusion from participation in Obama’s fascistic health care bill. I don’t want any fucking part of the inaptly named Affordable Health Care Act. I want to be excluded from this entirely. That’s not what the folks at FFRF want. They want everyone to be forced into this shitty, fascist program.

The people at FFRF have used the 1st Amendment as a guide post to forbid government from forcing creationism on public schools, and yet in this one simple case, they have shown that, although they know exactly what the 1st Amendment entails, they want to ignore it and twist it to suit their political proclivities.

“The Court’s decision, narrow though it might seem, has opened the proverbial floodgates. The Freedom From Religion Foundation needs your help to protest religious privilege and the federal judiciary’s appalling desertion of the founding principles of this nation.

The bold comes straight off the FFRF website. The founding principles of this nation did not include the government mandating individuals, under threat of force, purchase a good or service from any given company or other individual. The founders believed in freedom of association which meant that government could not dictate who/whom we chose freely to associate with. No more. The tyrannical assholes at FFRF have shown their true colors and freedom isn’t among that set of Crayons. What FFRF should be protesting isn’t the fact that religious beliefs allowed some people to be excluded from provisions of Obamacare, they should be protesting  the fact that Obamacare exists in the first fucking place.

What they’re saying is that because Hobby Lobby is owned by religious people they are somehow shoving their religion down their employees throats and denying women who work for them the right to control of their own bodies. This has to be one of the most fucking retarded claims I’ve ever heard and it’s a tad embarrassing hearing it come from an organization that claims to understand the law.

First, Hobby Lobby isn’t shoving their religion down anyone’s throats because if you don’t want to shop there, nobody is going to force you to. If you don’t like the fact that your paycheck is provided by people who believe in fairy tales, then you can quit or not apply in the first place. If you’re a woman and you want access to abortion (I mean contraceptives) then you can either pay for that yourself, or, I know this sounds extreme, not work for Hobby Lobby.

The folks over at the Freedom From Religion Foundation believe, correctly, that the 1st Amendment guarantees us the right not to have, by means of government coercion, religious dogma imposed upon us. However, they disregard completely the that nowhere in the Constitution does it say government has the right to force us to purchase a good or service and to dictate who/whom we choose to associate with. The FFRF may very well not believe in God(s), but they sure as shit have a religion and that religion is the vapid bullshitery of left-wing totalitarianism.