So, I’ve been on vacation and did a bit of driving. I don’t have satellite radio in my car so I had what I took with me and what the antenna picked up. I ended up listening to some talk radio which I haven’t done in years because it’s mostly right-wing stupidity. This trip however, I found myself a nice little left-wing station.

When I stopped to check into a hotel for the evening, I caught up on news and as usual, I couldn’t help but scroll through the comments and decided that I just can’t take it anymore. I get my news from several different sources because chances are, the person writing any story will insert at least a small touch of their own POV. This way, I can piece them together and get a somewhat more rounded picture of any given topic. I do not get any of my news from television, cable or otherwise because it’s pretty much all government propaganda. I mean, when the handful of corporations that control the mass media are all sucking off the government teat, they aren’t gonna bite the hand that feeds them.

I use alternate sources but have utilized some links from Drugde and stuff at Huff Po and Salon to round out that info. I also admit to visiting the Daily Mail though I’m not sure why. The journalism is just as bad as main stream American work, their editors couldn’t possibly speak English as a first, second, or even fifth language. The writing is terrible, but maybe I’m just scrolling down the page looking for a nice photo of Sophia Vergara’s lovely boobs.

It is from these sources that I have drawn the following conclusion: America is like a giant zoo and the main attraction are the monkeys. America has divided itself into (mostly) two large monkey troops and these monkey troops are very angry. Naturally, these angry monkeys are also very arrogant who happen to be bullies and want all monkeys to live according to the rules of their tribes. These large monkey troops have decided that the jungle in which they live has problems and all the problems are because of the other monkeys. They yell and scream at each other while flinging their poo. When you see a monkey fling poo, it’s kind of amusing… until you get some of that monkey shit on you.

This is where you find the rest of America’s monkeys. Those of us who are a little bit more mature, a little bit more amenable to courteous dialog. We utilize logic, reason, and facts, with the added nicety of treating the other monkeys respectfully, even when we disagree. Well, most of us do anyway. Perhaps this is because we’ve advanced just a bit further along the evolutionary ladder. Who knows, but what we do know is that the angry, less advanced monkeys continue to fling their poo and it inevitably lands on us, forcing us to deal with their shit.

There you have it. America the zoo. Land of the angry, not-so-bright, poo flinging monkeys.