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Over at Lew Rockwell, Laurence Vance had this blog posting about a former Navy SEAL that became a woman. The linked article, here, is from the Washington Times. I don’t know if it was cross-posted over at Drudge, but perusing the comments brings all the typical right-wing retardation we’ve come to expect. Once again, some ‘conservative’ has attributed liberalism with atheism:

most libs are hard core atheists, so “morality” and decency as you’re using it means nothing to them. In their minds what is “moral” or “decent” is to be determined by the individual.”

Okay, let’s break this down. Are most ‘libs’ hard core atheists? First we need to address ‘hard core atheist’.

From Merriam Webster:

archaic :  ungodliness, wickedness

a :  a disbelief in the existence of deity

b :  the doctrine that there is no deity

So there you have it. Atheists, and I’m one of them, simply don’t believe in god(s). Any of them. Atheism isn’t porn, there is no soft core nor is there any hard core. Why can’t ‘conservative’ believers get this through their heads? What is so fucking hard to understand that about this?
Now to address the ‘most libs’ thingy. These figures are from Wikipedia so there’s that, but they’ll do for our purposes here.

… 2010, polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats (tying a 22-year low), 29% as Republicans, and 38% as independents. By 2011 Gallup found that Americans identifying as independents had risen to 40 percent. Gallup’s historical data show that the proportion of independents in 2011 was the largest in 60 years. This increase came at the expense of Republican identification, which dropped to 27%, while Democratic identification held steady from 2011. Nevertheless, more American independents leaned to the Republican Party when compared to the Democratic Party. Combining leaners with each party’s core identifiers, for 2011 the parties ended up tied at 45 percent

So, 31% of American’s identify as Democrats and just as not all Republicans will identify as ‘conservative’, neither will all Democrats identify as liberal. Let’s give Steve the commenter the benefit of the doubt and just call all Democrats liberals. According to the Census Bureau, in 2012 71% of 18 and older Americans are registered to vote. Lets round that up to 154 million of which 31%, or 47,740,000 are Democrats/liberals. According to the 2009 ARIS report produced by Trinity College which tracks religious trends in the US, 1.6% claim to be atheist. That’s the same number found on this Pew poll. Time for more math, the 2010 Census recorded something like 320 million Americans. Let’s assume that over the four years since we’ve added 20 million and round it up to 340 million. 340 million * 1.6% is 5,440,000.

Nearly 48 million Democrats/liberals and a whopping 5.4 million Americans are atheists. Not all of those Atheists are going to be Democrats but again, let’s give Steve the commenter a bone. Still, one can hardly conclude that the Democrat party in the US is a bastion of godless heathens when you consider this article over at Huff Po which details the sad fact that there isn’t a sitting member of Congress that has come out as an atheist. Let’s face it, Democrat or Republican, being an atheist has some serious stigma.

On to the morality bit. I’m sure they’re talking about the 10 Commandments and I’m not going to get into that. Watch the George Carlin video on YouTube to see the masterful breakdown. Anywho, the 10 Commandments are pretty fucking stupid and most Christians don’t really pay attention to them either, I mean, how many people are being stoned to death for working on Sunday? Decency and morality mean nothing to us and it’s up to the individual to decide what these mean. That’s the gist of the statement. No wait, that’s exactly what Steve said, but is this true?

The US is the largest consumer of illicit drugs and Conservatives loath illicit drugs use as totally immoral. Do you really believe that 5.4 million people consume all of the illicit drugs? The 2014 Global Peace Index placed the US at 101 of 165 countries. That means that out of 165 countries the US was the 101st safest. Not so good. Although violent crime in the US has dropped some 50% since the mid 90’s, the US is still the most violent developed country in the world. Are atheists the only ones committing violent crimes? That seems unlikely, in fact it seems pretty fucking preposterous. Especially when you consider that the Czech Republic, one of the most atheist countries on Earth, tied with Sweden for the 11th safest country on the GPI. And drugs have been decriminalized there as well yet there’s no considerable drug crime.

Are atheists the only people having children out of wedlock? Are atheists the only people having abortions? Let’s face it 5.4 million atheists are not the problem with this country. Speaking only for myself, I know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil for instance, as a libertarian, I believe it’s always wrong to initiate violence against others who haven’t done so to me. Republicans on the other hand seem to overwhelmingly believe that murdering foreigners in immoral wars is okey dokey.

Here’s the thing, Republicans/conservatives don’t have a monopoly on knowing the difference between right and wrong. They don’t have a monopoly on morality which is obvious since they still think G.W. Bush isn’t a fucking war criminal, and they sure as shit don’t have a monopoly on decency. So, Steve the commenter, fuck off. We follow the rules of society just like you dickhead.