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The Clinton’s. Need I say more? One of the most detestable families on Earth. First Hillary tells us she and Bill were dead broke and in debt when they left the White House. Well, they were in debt, but in that first year they earned some $12 million. That doesn’t include the houses. Plural. Then, when regular American folks, you know, the not so rich people, started to guffaw and remind her that they’re now worth something in the neighborhood of a hundred million. She, Hillary has the audacity to say they aren’t like the truly well off. What the fuck is truly well off to this fucking cunt?

Now what do we get? We get their only child, well not Bill’s, but we now get Chelsea Clinton telling us that she doesn’t really care about money. She’s married to some hedge fund guy or something and lives in a multi-million dollar home and makes $600 grand a year from NBC for doing nothing much. It’s easy to say you don’t care about money when you don’t have to worry about having enough of it.

These people, the Clinton’s have lived a spoiled and posh life for years and have had people care for their every whim. Perhaps Hillary and Chelsea should, oh, I don’t know, shut the fuck up about money.