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Let’s face it, Democrat policies suck balls. Giant balls. Barack Obama is a horrendous failure as a president and is a pathological liar. It is unquestionable that like his predecessor George W. Bush, Barack Obama has committed impeachable offenses. And, just like his predecessor, the US Congress is too fucking chicken shit and corrupt to do anything about it.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, medical care in America is now much more expensive. Record numbers of Americans are on welfare. There are now some 92 million Americans without a job. The new EPA rules are going to decimate thousands and thousands of jobs in order to correct naturally occurring weather cycles. Adding to those thousands and thousands are the thousands and thousands of Central and South American children that are flooding over the border with the full backing and encouragement of the Democrats.

There’s much speculation that Republicans are going to win the Senate and maintain control of the House and Democrats are worried about this. This of course will lead to new and improved calls that any opposition to Obama’s platform is racist. But fear not, it’s not like Obama’s suddenly going to obey his oath to the Constitution and get permission to do what he want’s. I mean, the guy did give himself, albeit grudgingly, the legal authority to murder anybody, anytime, anywhere or to lock up and imprison anybody he wants without ever showing evidence of a crime or even bothering with a stupid fucking trial. Who needs a trial right?

Anyway, just when it looks like the shitbag Republicans are going to win the mid-term elections they do this. Yep, the Texas Republican party has officially adopted as part of its platform, the Michelle Bachman crazy-as-shit therapy for gays. In 2014 and Republican’s still insist that being homosexual is all in your head.


Treatments for ‘curing’ homosexuality claim to change a person’s sexuality through techniques such as electric shock therapy, inducing nausea while being exposed to homoerotic material, praying, exorcism, trips to brothels to have sex with women, and hypnosis.

Some advocates of the therapy have also asserted that prayer and religious faith can be helpful in suppressing or overcoming same-sex attractions.

The American Psychological Association have warned that the therapies run the risk of causing serious psychological harm.

Gay rights groups agree saying the therapy damages young people, because it tells them that it’s not acceptable to be whoever they are.

The largest Christian ministry engaged in such work, Exodus International, also closed last year and its leader apologized to the gay community for inflicting ‘years of undue suffering.’

California and New Jersey have both passed laws barring licensed therapists from trying to turn gay youth straight, and both laws have been upheld in court.”

And, this is the ‘Tea Party’ that demanded this shit. Remember the good ol’ days when the Tea Party was just Ron Paul Republicans and limited government types? You know, before the GOP and it’s poster child for imbecility Sarah Palin, got their filthy hands on it?

Hey Republicans! There’s a reason you’re called the Stupid Party and it’s shit like this.