I started this as an addendum to the last post but got a little long-winded.

For the record: Despite the meme being highly popular in Republican circles, ‘illegal immigrants’ aren’t stealing our jobs. If you have any marketable skills, and having been born and raised in the US means you should, then you needn’t worry about your job being stolen by some illiterate third-worlder. I do not believe that American companies exist to provide jobs to American citizens. I believe that employers should be able to contract with anyone and that anyone should be able to contract with employers so long as there is no coercion. These kids currently flooding over the border probably have family over here and families should not be broken apart if it can be prevented. When Democrats say that, they’re being disingenuous frauds. Grown adults are murdered and raped by the coyotes who also take the money then abandon immigrants in the middle of the desert and Democrats are encouraging children to do this? People die in the desert each and every year trying to find a better life in America. Temperatures are going to be over 100 degrees and you can dehydrate very quickly. I hope that President Obama and the other Democrats that are encouraging this are prepared to take responsibility when the death tolls start climbing. Oh wait, this is the President that can’t shed a tear for the innocent children killed by his fucking drones.

I do oppose politicians trying to score political points by encouraging dangerous behavior. I do oppose the welfare and benefits these folks will receive because the government steals that money from an already over-burdened taxpayer. I don’t just oppose welfare for immigrants, illegal or not, I oppose all welfare.

Back to the job stealing, a number of years ago I worked as a Project Manager at a large landscape company in So Cal. Normally, I worked in the office, but sometimes I needed to get together with superintendents to talk about different jobs. After getting my business out of the way they left to check on job sites and make sure shit was getting done leaving me, usually alone, in their offices. Time and time again people would stick there head in the door and knock, looking for an application. There was a huge stack of them right by the door so I’d just point, they’d take a couple and sit outside filling them out. In the years that I worked for that company, how many ‘Americans’ do you suppose filled out an application? I saw one white guy and he was at the main office interviewing for a Superintendent position. I never saw a single White, Asian, or Black kid fill out an application to bust their ass in the middle of summer digging irrigation ditches.