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More poorly educated, low-skilled people demand more money from Walmart.

The Walmart moms are calling for a minimum salary of $25,000 a year, not an hourly wage. With a call for a base-level wage, they’re not just challenging their erratic schedules but also harkening back to an old labor movement demand: the demand for fewer hours at the same rate of pay. If Walmart can’t provide full-time work, it should still provide a decent living, and Traub’s research shows that meeting such demands is not likely to scratch Walmart’s profit margins.

Walmart is a retailer and a very large retailer and they move a lot of merchandise. Twenty years ago I worked for Home Depot, another large retailer that moves a lot of merchandise. I worked in the shipping department, then in lumber. Did I need a large skill set for that job? No, I did not. I needed to learn how to use a forklift, and other shipping/receiving/stocking machines, and Home Depot provided me with that training. The people working in the back office area needed data processing skills but data processing isn’t something you need four years of college for. Management needed the most skills and they made the most money.

I have a nephew that’s been working at Walmart for maybe six years. He’s a little slow and works as a cart pusher. He’s also worked inside and is well liked by management. Should he be paid $25,000 dollars a year to push fucking carts? Let’s examine for a moment; he works in the hot sun, and cold rain. These women who are bitching and complaining work indoors at the register, folding cloths, stocking shelves and the like. Is their labor worth $25,000 dollars a year? The simple, no-bullshit answer is no.

Let’s pretend they all work full-time. $25,000 / 52 weeks = $481.00 / 40 hrs $12.025. Now, my nephew has some pretty good Kaiser benefits with Walmart and according to their website and the average employee contribution here in CA is $997.00 and the average employer contribution is $$4,425.00.

The employer also pays 6.2% Social Security on that original $25,000 which is $1,550. Walmart contributes 1.15% for Medicare so that will add another $362.50. California unemployment maxes at 6.2% of the first $7,000 in wages but for shits and giggles we’ll cut that in half and add another $217. Federal unemployment adds another $42 on the employer.

Working at Walmart isn’t a high risk environment so let’s say that Workers Compensation Insurance is another $5.00 per week * 52 weeks and we get $260.00. There’s a bill winding its way through Sacramento that would mandate one hour of sick leave accrual for every thirty hours worked and applies to part and full-time. Over a year at full-time, which is what we’re working on here, this would be 2,080 hours worked. Divide that by thirty hours and the employer is obligated to provide 69.33 hours of sick pay and at the $12.025 per hour that comes to $833.70. Remember this is to be mandatory so that’s $833.70 for non-productivity. FTR – Walmart already provides sick pay to my nephew.

Walmart also has contributions to 401k plans, retirement health insurance, and the employee’s have access to a pretty good ESPP. But these ladies are too poor to contribute to a stock plan.


Base pay – $25,000

Health Plan – $4,425

Social Security – $1,550

Medicare – $362

State and Fed unemployment insurance – $217 + $42 = $259

Workers Comp insurance – $260

Sick pay – $833

Total – $32,689

The question begs, does the skill set these ladies possess have a market value of $32,689? The answer is self-evidently no. Remember though, these women want that $25,000 regardless of the number of hours worked. The article mentions a lady named Gail Todd who had her hours reduced to just twelve per seven day work week. That works out to 624 hours per year /$25,000 and you get a touch over $40 per hour. Are these people out of their fucking minds?

Are these women chained to these jobs with a plantation master standing by with a whip to make sure they produce? No. Are these women free to seek employment elsewhere? Yes. This is just more simplistic, envious fucking class warfare. This is no different from a fucking burger flipper wanting $15.00 per hour.

Oh, Walmart makes billions in profits they should be able to pay their employees a living wage. Ah, yes, the magical living wage the envious little Marxists always talk about. I needn’t ask the question of whether or not they’ve ever taken a basic economics class. Increase wages = increase cost to consumer = increased wages being worthless.

It underscores the problems they have with the company in the first place – that these jobs are bad for women, bad for their families, and bad for everyone.

If these striking women say these jobs they have are bad for them, their families, and everyone then why the fuck are they working them? Are they slaves without an option of seeking employment elsewhere? No they’re not. Which is why I can’t muster up much empathy.