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California has once again shown the world that the voters are retarded idiots who elect politicians that do shit like writing laws which require college kids to give one another verbal and/or written consent before fucking. Yep, SB967 would require the kiddies to stop their kissing and running their fingers all over each other and sign a consent form. You can’t make this shit up.

This follows the Obama administration’s false claim that 1 in 5 women are raped in college. I assume this new CA law will protect the men too but somehow, I doubt it.

Then of course, women do in fact lie about being raped.

Seriously, I would think twice about going to college nowadays. First, unless you’re studying hard science, math, or engineering you’re going to get a shitty education. Second, the cost of college has risen dramatically and for what? Tuition and housing at San Diego State is $21,611 a year. 80 grand for a bachelors degree? Let’s say you choose not to live on campus then you’d be paying $6,866.00 a year just in tuition and another $1,762.00 for books, $1,365.00 for personal expenses and I’ll leave out the $1,420.00 for transportation and assume you’ve got a car and mom and dad will cover the gas.

Tuition – $27,464

Books – $7,048 (-40% for buying some used $4,229)

Personal – $5,460

So in a best case scenario you shell out $37k for the magical little piece of paper and chances are, in this economy, you won’t even find a job. You go to class, hang out at some parties, make out with some chick for a bit, then stop, leaving your raging hard-on safely behind the zipper, while you both sign and then get notarized, an agreement that you both consent to fucking each other. Jesus.