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There seem to be a lot of interesting tid bits coming to light following the release of five Taliban commanders from Gitmo and the POW they were holding, Bowe Bergdhal.

It’s weird that the Pentagon had members of his platoon sign non-disclosure agreements. Why didn’t they want anybody to talk about it? It appears that the guy deserted and walked away, and if that’s the case then why would the Pentagon care? There seems to be speculation in the linked article that it might have to do with how they go about leaving America’s only POW in Afghanistan after a withdrawal, but why? If he’s a deserter then what the hell should they care about leaving him there? Because his family might get upset? Please, the Pentagon uses kids like this as cannon fodder all the fucking time and it has been for years. No, the Pentagon doesn’t give a shit about this kids family.

This is especially true when you consider that a bunch of guys died while searching for him and the reaction by the families of those dead soldiers and from his former compatriots is outright contempt. That contempt is shared by, probably half of the US population so, no, the Pentagon doesn’t give a shit about some deserter. My guess is that it has something to do with recruitment. The Pentagon knows that it needs bodies to use as bullet magnets in all of its future imperialistic misadventures and if it became front page news that some kid, shipped off to war (a war that thirteen years on, continues to be promoted as good and necessary despite being lost years ago) decided that what America was doing there was wrong and he would rather risk capture and torture then to continue following orders, well, that might not be a good recruiting tool. Not like, say Pat Tillman.

Now, on the other hand we have these five ‘bad guys’ that the right-wing is going ape shit about how they’re terrorists and a danger to the very existence of these United States. This is of course, bull shit. Firstly these guys, if reported correctly, are all Taliban, meaning they’re aren’t ‘terrorists’. For the record, according to these same right-wing fascists, a ‘terrorist’ is anybody that chooses to stand up for their own country when America invades. They said the same thing about the Iraqi’s. Terrorists usually have a political agenda while the Taliban is a homegrown ideology without plans to export their particular barbaric belief system. Further, while the Taliban were and are able to kick America and NATO’s ass on their own turf, they couldn’t do shit to America even if they wanted to. I’m pretty confident that all  they want is for America and it’s little yappy lap dogs in NATO to get the fuck out of their country so they can once again shut down the opium trade and shoot little girls in the face for wanting to learn how to read. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, ‘we need to stay and help those little girls’, but shouldn’t it be the Afghan people who do that? We haven’t done very well and we’ve managed to kill a lot of innocent civilians.

Look, Obama is a lying cunt and a D-bag who will go down in history as horrendous, but this whole affair and all the screeching is retarded. It’s one more way for the incompetent idiot in the White House to change the subject and it’s just another distraction for the idiotic right-wing to bitch and no, the likes of Palin and Rubio don’t give a shit about those soldiers who died looking for a deserter. They just want to play at being necessary.