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You know, when I first heard Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty make his comments about homosexuality I didn’t make the connection that others did.

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong… Sin becomes fine,” he said. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

Lot’s of people complained that he was comparing homosexuality to bestiality and I don’t get that from the above statement. My interpretation was that, according to his beliefs on sin, that men having sex with men, fucking animals and basically being a slut bag are all sinful behavior. Fine. No problem.

My biggest complaint was about the levels of mental retardation the right-wingers put themselves through when this guy was getting a lambasting from the public and his eventual (albeit temporary) suspension from A&E. The political right went ape shit crapping all over themselves complaining about his 1st Amendment rights being trampled on. The 1st Amendment wasn’t written to prevent somebody who says something stupid in public from being excoriated by the same public. It was written to protect the press from persecution/prosecution by the government. I’m sure Robertson has a contract with A&E and his embarrassing the network with his views on homosexuality violated the terms of that contract. The man has continued to spew his views from every right pulpit that will have him so his ‘rights’ haven’t been violated.

Now, having said that, he was quoted at a Republican gathering as saying:

“If we don’t turn to God at a pretty rapid clip,” he said, “we’re going to lose the United States of America.”

I’m pretty sure I understand what he’s trying to say here. It seems he’s that type of Christian. You know them, they’re the type that believe America was created for Christians by god and if those godless liberals continue to have their way God will, well I’m not sure.

I think it’s fantastic that the GOP keeps embracing imbeciles like this guy and Sarah Palin. The party chairman had this to say:

“He noted obvious voter demographics that show Republican nominees must attract more young and minority voters. But public opinion polls also suggest that the party’s conservative positions — and its candidates’ emphasis — on issues like immigration, abortion and same-sex marriage are liabilities with some of the very groups they want to win over.

The chairman avoided saying the party should change any of its positions. “It’s not my job to write legislation,” he said, though he added later that “we could emphasize different things,” such as expanding school choice or loan programs for minority entrepreneurs. Whatever the policy, he said, “we have to show up and make the argument,” rather than concede swaths of the electorate.

See there? The party big wigs know that they’re quickly becoming irrelevant but he doesn’t know how to fix it to draw in new voters. The problem is that the Republican party represents nothing that younger people are attracted to. The Republicans in many aspects are no different than Democrats. They both giver our tax dollars to corporate and special interests. They’re the party of never ending war and interventionism around the globe. They’re the military welfare party and the party that will do nothing to get rid of the abomination of Obamacare. They’re the party of xenophobia and gay bashers. They’re the party that want’s to outlaw abortion instead of educating young people on the evilness of it.

Let’s face it, the Democrat party is absolutely contemptible and they’re every bit the fascist cunts the Republicans are, but the Republicans are a dying party simply because they represent ignorant and hateful values and they’re hypocrites. Young people are less inclined to give a shit about who’s fucking whom. They’re less inclined to readily accept the rather pathetic claim that illegals are ‘stealing our jobs’. They’re growing up during a time when work has been outsourced (by both parties), the country is bankrupt and those with jobs are being forced to subsidize the retirement of the older generations with full knowledge that there will be no Social Security for them. They see the way the military-industrial complex gets nearly a trillion dollars a year and the associated waste. Is it any wonder more and more young Americans are embracing libertarianism?

The GOP can have all the Phil Robertson’s it wants. Religion is losing ground in the US too as younger people see it for what it is, retarded nonsense, and they can continue to dwindle until the Republican party is one of those dinosaurs that so many of them are sure people walked the Earth with.