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Shelter In Place = Martial Law

Somebody reported what is being called an ’empty shotgun case’ in the parking lot of and Orange County high school. So naturally, the SWAT had to roll in with their fucking armored personnel carrier and conduct a class by class search lasting four hours and basically scaring the living shit out of everybody. No weapon was seen and no weapon was found. I do love this statement from one Lt. Jeff Hallock of the OCSD;

“You’ll see the SWAT team is out here. The critical incident response team is also here, not because any weapon was seen or a threat was made, but simply because we need the additional manpower to search a campus of this size.

There you have it. They need all these cops and their firepower and armored vehicles and military grade toys, not because anybody actually saw a gun or made a threat, but simply because the school’s too big.

Welcome to the new normal folks.