After a long absence I’m back on the interwebs to do some shit talking. What better topic to start with than the VA scandal. If you can call it a scandal.

It turns out that Obama knew about the situation with the VA way back before he became president. Now the Republicans, in typical fashion, are all up in arms about the shitty treatment of America’s veterans. Somebody really needs to tell them about the shit Vietnam vets went through. Republicans love to claim they love military veterans (they do love their votes) but if Obama knew about this before he became president wouldn’t this mess have been occurring during the Bush administration?

While the death count was underway during the Bush years and the Republicans had a majority in both the House and Senate, they didn’t do anything to address this situation. Did they? No, no they didn’t. This isn’t to say that the war in Afghanistan isn’t wholly owned by Barack Obama, which of course, it is. No, this is about the utter hypocrisy of the political right in general.

Nancy Pelosi did blame Bush for the current mess with the VA, but then again Nancy Pelosi would blame Bush for the foul smell emanating from her vagina. If Bush doesn’t get a pass, why the fuck should Obama? He has been in charge for six fucking years hasn’t he?

There’s another question that needs asking. Do veterans have no health insurance? Do they all simply depend on what they already know is a shitty system and has been since Vietnam? Republicans and Conservatives are always telling us that they believe people should be responsible for their own mistakes. Seems reasonable, but… the veterans of the current wars, unlike their peers from the 60’s and 70’s volunteered to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows where else. None of these countries attacked America. None of these countries could attack America. At least not on some mass scale and certainly not successfully so why did these veterans volunteer to invade and murder the people who lived there? Yes, murder is a perfectly acceptable adjective here. Republicans are always bitching about the alleged high costs of illegal immigrants to US taxpayers for medical services, yet these immigrants came here, mostly to work. They don’t come here to make war (even if immigrant hating Republicans call it an invasion). They don’t come here to destroy infrastructure or violently overthrow the government to impose their own will. They don’t come to steal natural resources so why pick on them?

Why pick on drug addicts who may use taxpayer funded services that sure as hell don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the VA? Why pick on some scared pregnant teenage girl who goes to get an abortion? There’s a reason Republicans single out the ‘bad choices’ of the addict, the pregnant teen, and of course the immigrant. It’s because they hate these people and view themselves, from Mount Morality, as better whereas the veteran is a person who sacrificed to serve the motherland. Veteran’s too are considered a higher class of people, even if many of them are simply psychopaths who wanted to murder and do it legally.

No. The current crop of vets volunteered to invade and murder and destroy and that was as bad a choice as bad choices go so why the fuck should the taxpayers, who already had to pay these assholes a salary, foot the medical bill too? Why can’t vets pay for their own bad choices? Better still, why don’t those Republicans who worship the military and the vet’s like they were gods, pay for the medical and mental needs of these folks? Yeah right.


For the record, I’m against the VA because it’s taxpayer funded and is just another tool for the war machine. I’m against standing armies because they give excuses to psychopaths in government to make war. I’m against taxes because the money is stolen from one person and given to another.